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Deputies Shoot Suspect

Originally Published Oct 21, 2010, 6:41pm (Updated Oct 22, 2010, 9:43pm)
81 comment(s)

Two Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office investigators have been placed on paid administrative leave following the shooting of a suspect at 11:35 Thursday morning. The suspect, a male, age 38, was transported by ambulance to North Fulton Hospital.  His condition is unknown at this time.  The investigation into the shooting has been turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). 


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Call the G.B.I. for details??
Oct 22, 2010 8:53pm [ 1 ]

I see a man in a trailor as FISH IN A BARRELL. Paxton is " Waxton " No need for trailor park people? Never hurd of a latino getting wacked for being on their own property-you or whatever.

Oct 23, 2010 4:24pm [ 2 ]

Way to go FCSD!

It's been a pretty impressive year. You got the bastards that killed the security guard at the grocery store. You nailed the waffle house gang. Both were on a spree through multiple counties, but it ended here. And you've identified the suspect in the latest murder.

Seems to me the message is "If you come to Forsyth County and start trouble, you are going to be a guest of the Sheriff's department"

The Sheriff's budget is one tax dollar I don't mind giving up.

Oct 23, 2010 10:47pm [ 3 ]

My first time here/ What does shooting a man in a trailor park have to do with the filth from the other murder or roberies? I say they were not conducted properly by the forsyth county sheriff dept.from the beginning. Could have been prevented if someone was at the switch. In my opinion. Me 82 years old and a man shot in a trailor park does not make me laugh. Could have picked him up some where else easily. What is your problem with shooting people at their home??///??? The police here in forsyth county need a check up from the neck up. Pulled over for factory tinted windows?

Gary Cooper
Oct 24, 2010 10:05am [ 4 ]

T.Claw, the perpetrator was not at his home. According to the news reports, he was wanted for burglary and had a warrant for his arrest. The investigators - unable to locate him previously - went to a family members house to ask questions about his possible whereabouts. It just so happened that he was hiding there and he noticed the investigators pull up, ran to his truck and grabbed a gun and failed to abide by the officers order to drop it. At that point, the actions taken were justified.

Your comment about picking him up somewhere else easily really shows your lack of respect for what law enforcement has to go through. The investigators had already been looking for this guy and were still investigating where he was hiding so they COULD pick him up and then they got lucky and got him in one swoop. This perp apparently has a long criminal history and needed to be off the streets. Heck, even the gun he had was stolen property. At what point do you very vocal minority, anti-sheriff moonbats pull your heads out of your rear ends and pay attention to what is going on around you? Those previous incidents were handled the best they could be handled - especially when surrounding agencies had problems apprehending those perps, but not our police force. That goes to show that they know how to do their job. You guys need to seriously give it a rest. The rest of the community is laughing at you.

Oct 24, 2010 9:27pm [ 5 ]

Mr. Cooper, I have no reason to be called a moon bat do I? You do not know what my back ground was in my day do you. This perp was a small town perp. Involved in basically low end crimnal behavior if you believe what you read. You know what I mean. Where my son works he knows about forsyth and their tactics. He would be the first one to quit here. In fact he would not ever try to work for the forsyth county sheriffs dept. He took a job elsewhere with a smart group. He wanted professional partners not junkards or fly by nights. Retired Captn.Oh yea

Eddie Night
Oct 24, 2010 10:24pm [ 6 ]

T.Claw your name sounds familar. Pay no any mind to Gary Cooper. I read his mind form here and he is all about the system being right no matter what you think. Cooper is not doing well in his capacity right now. Follow up later and thank you for your support and protection in your earlier days Captain. Eddie Good Knight

Gary Cooper
Oct 25, 2010 3:38pm [ 7 ]

Small town perp or not T.Claw, he was a criminal and needed to be off the streets. The investigators were doing their job and he decided to fight the law - with a stolen gun no less - and lost. Actually T. Claw, the FCSO has a very good reputation throughout the state and their "tactics" are being copied by other agencies.

And Eddie is the perfect example of a moonbat who still needs to get a hobby.

Oct 25, 2010 10:33pm [ 8 ]

Gary Cooper my friend and lost man. The warrent was "Tolled" incase you have not thought about it. That means it was 'void' on its face! Get your facts straight my friend. It only proves the inability of the command staff to do their jobs and a man gets shot? You must be kidding me my friend. I appreciate your input and will get back to You and the Group here. This is going to be good. "On its Face"! I Never thought it would get this bad within the city county and state justice system.

Gary Cooper
Oct 26, 2010 12:34pm [ 9 ]

Ok T.Claw, just how is the warrant void? Apparently this man told the warrants unit that he would turn himself in several weeks ago. When that didn't happen, investigators were sent to investigate his whereabouts and serve the warrants. What part of the story are you claiming to be false? What are you going to say when the GBI comes back saying the situation was handled appropriately? Can't wait to see you next Eddie like comment.

David Milum
Oct 26, 2010 11:30pm [ 10 ]

If anyone pulls a gun on a cop he needs to be shot. Either it is a suicide wish or the act of a dangerous individual. Although I truly feel for anyone crazy enough to pull a gun on a cop my feelings are if they are that loco they need culling from the herd.

What bothers me anytime I hear of the FCSO shooting folks is the case of a drunk named McElroy. He ran roadblocks drunk as a dog and was shot seven or eight times when it was not necessary. He was totally stalled in a field with all his tires shot out and rendered helpless but they shot him anyway. One of the FCSO shooters was FCSO Sgt. Stephen Bradley who wrote in a documented email to another cop; "always be polite but have a plan to kill everyone you meet".

These stores are what spoil Citizen’s confidence in Paxton’s gang of incompetents. Then there are the other FCSO emails that TV2 spotlighted. After that no Citizen in their right mind would ever trust the FCSO again.

Do I support a cop's need to fire on a armed suspect? Yes.

Buford Ecitsuj
Oct 27, 2010 8:09am [ 11 ]

Keep the criminals out of Forsyth County.

Oct 27, 2010 8:41am [ 12 ]

Keep the criminals out of Forsyth County? Most warrants are Void anyway. Most are either signed under false pretenses and without evidence i might add to this forum.If the warrant was tolled how did the deputies find this perp in a trailer park? They must have good noses.

Oct 27, 2010 9:06am [ 13 ]

First off it was not a trailer park, yes it was a single wide trailer on it's own land look at the picture and at least get that fact correct. If someone pulls a gun on you and you and your family's life is in danger what would you do just crap on yourself and be killed. I think not in my case. Forsyth county needs to clear out as many thieves, gangs and drug dealers and stay ahead of the game. if someone does not like the way law enforcement is handled in the county why not run for office and fix it then. just my 2¢

Gary Cooper
Oct 27, 2010 11:46am [ 14 ]

Again T.Claw, how is this particular warrant void?? This guy has a long rap sheet dating back to 1992! He was wanted for burglary and even told the warrants division that he would turn himself in. As I said before, even the gun he used was stolen property. When that didn't happen, the investigators did their job in trying to locate him. The trailer they shot him at is not in a trailer park and was not even his home. What you are missing is the guy didn't have to pull a gun and he was even given the order to drop the weapon. He made the stupid choice to point his gun at them.

As much as it pains me to say it, I actually agree with Milum on that one particular point. If an individual is crazy enough to pull a gun on a cop - he/she is either suicidal or completely dangerous. That is what this guy did and he paid the price for doing so. For some reason T.Claw and Eddie are stuck on some crazy idea that the warrant is void.

Oct 27, 2010 2:37pm [ 15 ]

You need to hear both sides before you pass jugdement. His past is irrelevant and shouldn't be held againest him. He's the one that has to stand before God for the things he has done in his life. You also need to realize he has family that care for him and your talking about him like hes a dog. EVERYONE is INNOCENT until proven guilty.

Oct 27, 2010 2:44pm [ 16 ]

Also if you have read all the stories on this there is diffrent story when the news has spoke to Paxton.

Gary Cooper
Oct 27, 2010 4:00pm [ 17 ]

A criminal history is irrelevant?? Shouldn't be held against him?? He has a warrant for his arrest and the gun he supposedly pointed at the investigators is stolen, guess those are irrelevant facts too and shouldn't be held against him.

I have read and heard all of the stories regarding this issue and all seem to point to the same conclusion: criminal being investigated points gun at police and gets shot himself. The Sheriff has also been specific about the incident and that story has not changed.

You're right though, every is innocent until proven guilty. But for some that doesn't always get passed onto our law enforcement. For some, long time criminals shouldn't be questioned because they have families too. For some, the police never give you the full story and are always hiding something. For the rest of us, we know that our law enforcement does a very good job. We also know that criminals do desperate things when cornered. And we also have no problem commenting using our actual identities and not some ???

I don't understand!!
Oct 27, 2010 6:34pm [ 18 ]

I know their is going to be alot of people making remarks about the individual in question..but while alot of you are making negative comments especially when you dont know the facts, Dont know the crap this innocent family has went thru at the hospital..Wondering is my Husband, Son, Brother,friend and most of all MY DADDY OK..they cant see him, touch him or anything and they finally got a nurse to come out and tell them how he is.But does the family know really how he is NO. So my question is what if you where in the situation with aloved one friend or etc!!THE FAMILY HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG BUT ARE TREATED POORLY WHILE WAITING TO KNOW IF HE'S GOING MAKE IT OR NOT..MOST IMPORTANTLY ALWAYS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!!

some1 from the inside!!!!
Oct 27, 2010 9:03pm [ 19 ]

First of all all of you judging will one day be judge yourself. And fore most this person all of yall are talking so bad about you should realize he is a child of God he is also someones son, someones husband and a 11 year olds DAD and someones brother!!!!!! He is a person that would not pull a gun on someone!!! All of the people that want to think bad and talk bad about him don't know the WHOLE and the TRUE story and have no right to judge him!!!!! He is a very kind person. And the ones that are judging NEED to go look behind and see just what some of your parents, spouses,sibling or loved ones or friends are doing that isn't right because all of you cant be saying they are all perfect. Oh yeah who all has heard YOU CAN'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ and there is ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY and ya'll have only heard ONE side to this one!!!!

Oct 27, 2010 10:08pm [ 20 ]

In all my life i could not believe law enforcement being allowed to crossover someones property line and shot someone.To me private property is exactly what it is. It does not matter who you are approaching on private property you are not allowed on that property until you have a warrant for that particular property to find that particular person in question. Thats why the warrant is not valid gary.its all out of control and glad to be gone from the illegal process. It was for another property! I have not had contact at all only what i read ya'll.Forsyth County Sheriff Dept you are lost in many ways and need reconstruction Retired Cptn. OMG

Dave Richard
Oct 28, 2010 5:05am [ 21 ]

"It does not matter who you are approaching on private property you are not allowed on that property until you have a warrant for that particular property to find that particular person in question."

How many errors can be included in one simple sentence?

Since the Constitution talks about illegal searches and seizures, and not trespass, there is nothing to disallow law enforcement from coming onto your property for the sake of inquiry.

Since the perp in question was on said property, and allegedly brandished a firearm at said deputies, the only illegality involved was pointing a gun at people who carry guns and are allowed to legally shoot you when threatened.

Now, if the deputies HAD searched this trailer without a warrant (a fact not yet in evidence) then they certainly might be guilty of some sort of improper use of police powers, but that is not yet proven (nor mentioned).

For an alleged retired captain (of what, we do not know), T. Claw displays a shocking lack of law enforcement and Constitutional knowledge.

Oct 28, 2010 9:34pm [ 22 ]

I have known Mr. Richard for years whom I have not talked to in years and he has always double-talked himself over and over again and still today as I read on. Waists so much time on nothing from what I remember about him. Bla Bla Bla always.He thinks Trespas is not illegal? He thinks Constitutional(l)y When someone (no matter who) comes onto property you are not allowed to "BRANDISH" a weapon.? And the Sheriffs shot at you?. Are you kidding me about this screw up we have here as Sheriff and remember the Jail screw up from the neck up? Double talk that? We need a change alright and it started with you out of here. I think my wife is having a heart attack I must go.

Oct 28, 2010 10:54pm [ 23 ]

For your information F.D. Dave Richard. Old and retired. Son P.D. and grandson corporate law. Saw it all in court and out. Appreciate all users of this site. Stand up and be counted fore its too late. Thomas Claw

Dave Richard
Oct 29, 2010 4:51am [ 24 ]

Xerox . .?, all the people I have known for years and are considered friends of mine can do three things well.

One, they never hide behind fictitious blog names.

Two, they spell much better.

Three, they think much better.

You notice that I don't defend the Sheriff very often on many issues, and by and large the force has many good people working for him. But when someone they're looking for is holding a weapon and refuses to drop it, guess what?

They get shot.

Oh, and I do many things, Xerox . .?, but double-talk is not something I do well, or appreciate in others. As my public and personal record shows.

Dave Richard
Oct 29, 2010 4:54am [ 25 ]

Despite your alleged resume, Thomas, you should know that the statement I highlighted above from you is patently false and Constitutionally wrong.

Oct 29, 2010 8:56pm [ 26 ]

You see Mr.Richard I dont care anymore. Now thats funny.What is funnier is you responded to an issue about criminal activity and say someone refused to drop a weapon and got shot??? " You were a witness to this "? See what I mean.Fla bound and swimming with the dolphins in Tampa .

Oct 29, 2010 9:14pm [ 27 ]

Trespass is in the Ga State Constitution Moron Dave Richard. IN ENGLISH--Including everyone including GOV'T in case you have lost your mind. Look up words like Intruder and you might change your mind my friend. Its called get off the property until you have all facts period.

Dave Richard
Oct 29, 2010 11:58pm [ 28 ]

"say someone refused to drop a weapon and got shot??? " You were a witness to this "?"

Yeah, because sheriff's deputies are just looking for unarmed people to shoot, right, Thomas?

Thank God you're retired. The last thing we need are more cops like you.

You Know
Oct 30, 2010 6:51pm [ 29 ]

Not the right person Dave Richard-Fire Dept. My brother is still active with I.A.where he lives. This crap in forsyth shooting people in trailers is obviously out of control. Oh I get it now-a small town criminal with a rap sheet not so long just happens to have a shot gun when the cops find him somewhere else different then the content in the warrant info. Sure Dave Richard. I had my son do some follow up and he doesnt like forsyth or their attitude. Its all over the country about their crazy mentallity. Move to north georgia and get a job with a sheriff or police dept you can do what ever you want to do. This is my last contact here. Love the site.Way to go.

David Milum
Oct 30, 2010 9:37pm [ 30 ]

In reply to:

Dave Richard Oct 29, 2010 4:51am [ 24 ] Xerox . .?, all the people I have known for years and are considered friends of mine can do three things well. One, they never hide behind fictitious blog names.

DM: As compared to Mr. Richard’s sign up to a certain website forum by way of Tiberius@edited under his two well-known fictitious screen names of Darwin and LivingtheNightmare. But Mr. Richard won’t deny such hypocritical shenanigans here else he makes himself out to be the little-man liar he actually is. I have reams upon reams of documents on Mr. Richard and he knows that.

It’s not my intention to stir it up again with Mr. Richard simply because he is such an easy target as a liar but I have such disdain for outright liars that it makes it impossible for me to sit quietly while these sorts of folks try and try again to pull the wool over innocent reader’s eyes. It is not right and I will go to my grave believing it’s not ever right to lie. Obviously, Mr. David Richard has no such objection to being a historic liar. A man can be blazing fast in this life but he’ll never outrun the reputation of being a liar such as Mr. David Richard is.

What you will possibly see now is either total silence from Mr. Richard or some unassociated drivel to belittle me when all it will take is for Mr. Richard to lie again in denying his two anonymous screen names. As I successfully did in the last election that booted him for lying and name calling I will again fashion a vehicle so Mr. Richard will dig himself deeper and deeper in the history of Forsyth County’s most notorious liar.

Mr. Richard, I now yield the floor.

Oct 30, 2010 10:50pm [ 31 ]

Dad, Sorry for the thread but, Dave Richard is a Sorry SOB.See you in Fla. Love you T.C.J.

Dave Richard
Oct 31, 2010 6:50am [ 32 ]

"I have reams upon reams of documents on Mr. Richard and he knows that."

The only thing I know about David Milum is that he is the person most responsible for wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and employee time (which he's never been accurately charged for) in the history of Forsyth County with his 100% failure rate to prove ANY allegations he's ever made. As he continues to to today.

In over 11 years (as he proudly states to anyone foolish enough to listen to him).

You'd think that anyone with that track record wouldn't focus their attention on themselves so much, now would you?

Shows what the crazies will do to get attention when they can't accomplish anything worthwhile in their lifetimes, doesn't it?

Gary Cooper
Oct 31, 2010 10:09am [ 33 ]

You Know or should I say T.Claw or everyone's least favorite blogger Eddie - your comment about cops shooting people in trailers being out of control just shows how out of touch or uninformed you truly are. This is the first shooting in the county by an officer in well over a year. Our police force is not having a problem with shooting people. You obviously have us mistaken with those folks in Dekalb County.

Again you are mistaken about the facts regarding this case. David Richard is right when he says thank god you are no longer a captain of anything today. You obviously don't have a grasp on the law.

David Milum
Oct 31, 2010 2:21pm [ 34 ]

I rest my case on Forsyth County most notorious liar David Richard. As you folks can see my prediction was right on target. Now that this is substantiated let's see what new lies David Ricard will come up with. OK little Yankee weasel give us your best lie today, we're ready.

You folks notice how little it takes to get liar David Richard off and running. Mr. Richard please please please run for something else as I do soooooo miss leading you around by your nose. I had almost forgotten how much fun that was. Come on now, hop little froggy.

Halloween is over/I dont understand, poster
Oct 31, 2010 7:40pm [ 35 ]

POSTER YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT HIM NOT PULLING A GUN. I wish we could all get together and discuss our Sheriffs dept and how to get them to stop treating the citizens like trash. No professional training and I know lots of them. Pulling us over and opening the passanger door without permission. Can someone tell me if it is legal to open a persons door at a traffic stop. Is it legal or not and why. Please inform me. This website should be a traning site about our rights. Thankx alot,

Dave Richard
Oct 31, 2010 10:09pm [ 36 ]

"As you folks can see my prediction was right on target. "

As you've never been on target in your entire lifetime, that's quite a statement to make, Moron Milum.

Let's look at your sorry history in Forsyth County, shall we?

You've been taken to court or have tried to take others to court at least four times times, and how many wins do you have?

That would be - NONE.

You even cried like a little baby and swore out a complaint against me in Magistrate Court when I had the temerity to call you out on your lies by sending you an e-mail directly, and you got all scared of me and claimed harassment. How did THAT complaint work out?

Laughed out of court. In fact, never even got to court. The sheriff's department had a great laugh THAT day you filed your crybaby complaint, I can tell you!

You even admitted to the AJC that you were scared of little ol' Marcie Kreager when she allegedly threatened you. Oh, that's right - THAT got thrown out of court as well, and got you an admonishment from the judge, EVEN THOUGH YOU BROUGHT THE ORIGINAL CASE!

You made case law across the nation as the first and ONLY blogger to be successfully sued for libel. Anyone can just Google "David Milum libel" and get ream after electronic ream of great information about this county's (and this country's) biggest loser.

You tried for years to ruin Gary Smith's reputation, and what is he doing now? Working in his chosen field helping to get our men and women in the military have their votes counted.

What a great record to tally up for a lifetime. Loser in court. Loser in life. Loser in his community. You're even down to one, pathetic poster on that sorry excuse of a website besides you, and she doesn't even live in this county.

David Milum, you are the definition of a waste of oxygen.

And a waste of my time.

David Milum
Nov 1, 2010 2:05am [ 37 ]

Now that's more like it runt Richards! We knew you had it in ya litlin'. All this outcry simply because you are exactly the liar I have always claimed you were. My my such squeaking from a tiny little mouse. Didn't like it cuz you've been caught up with again lying about all your fictitious screen names, ain't that right Lying David Richard. All it would have took was for you to deny it Dave but no just look at what you did to this thread because I called you on your “OH I Don’t Approve Of Anyone Using Those Dastardly Ole Fake Screen Names”…..oh no we can’t have that! This from Darwin & LivingTheNightmare Dave Richard.

The same guy who under his fake screen name Darwin wrote; “you’ll never see ‘my name’ on a ballot”. Dad dang it! And I soooo wanted another crack at the town’s biggest liar too.

Sure….fill the comment section full because you Sir are much too big of a coward to admit that you lie more than any man ever to hit the borders of Forsyth County. Insignificant Massachusetts import descended upon us much worst than any case of hemorrhoids. I laugh every time I think about you Dave Richard because you actually look like a hemorrhoidal rodent with glasses and you kinda have that nasally snort about you possibly like you have dirt in your nose too.

Keep yelling loudly enough and perhaps someone really stupid might…notice I said might, get hooked by Forsyth County’s most notorious liar again….but I seriously doubt it…..sigh…. OK Dave I’m digging another one of those big stupid traps for you to fall into again…so step right over here and jump in head first idiot….no not there right here….clean those glasses. Holy Moley ain’t this fun?

Oh and those terrible names? I'm totally crushed. Can't ya tell Dave?

Dave Richard
Nov 1, 2010 5:45pm [ 38 ]

This is me yawning.

Still yawning.


Nov 1, 2010 8:10pm [ 39 ]

WOW!...A scumbag, wanted for multiple crimes pulls a shotgun (stolen no less) on a deputy. The deputy puts him down with 2 shots, the scumbag lives. He will be tried by a jury of his peers and Dave Richard is a lying [edited by admin].

Just take a deep breath and back away from the keyboard!

You have the constitutional right to [edited by admin] about Paxton and his department. I would love someone to tell me what better option we had in the last election. Would we have been better off electing the uneducated kiddie porn freak that is now sitting in prison? Seriously, what candidate was better then Paxton?

And why does every issue become a "I hate Dave Richard" topic. Dave is offensive as hell. He is smart and articulate and uses these skill to make the other guy look foolish, if the other guy is foolish enough to engage him. If you play the game on Dave's field, he's going to win. And he deserves to win if you are too stupid to recognize his game.

But I have never seen any evidence that Dave lies. He is an opinionated ass, but I do believe he honestly believes what he believes.

Bottom line, if anyone can honestly say that they would not have done exactly what that deputy did should just shut up. You rhetoric is great, but when some low-life is swinging a shotgun in your direction life gets real, real quick!

I thank God that it was the bad guy, not the good guy that went down.

Nov 1, 2010 8:16pm [ 40 ]

Oh..and David Milum, your posts are extremely confusing. Are you drunk when you write them, or are you just that off-center?

Rhetoric is great
Nov 2, 2010 1:53pm [ 41 ]

Milum is the only person who is trying to correct the wrongs in forsyth and maybe a little trickle down to other areas. I see poeple who are destroying this country and county and Dave Richard insults this man. And Bob, The cops were on private peoperty when they shot this man. You go believe what you read, You might be a puppet. Oh I know this county is so honest......YEA RIGHT I GOTS TO GO

Gary Cooper
Nov 2, 2010 2:03pm [ 42 ]

Talk about being a puppet and you can't even use your actual name. The cops may have been on private property, but they had a right to be there to conduct an inquiry into the whereabouts of the suspect. Guess what, at that point he showed his face and they had every right to arrest him based on his outstanding arrest warrant. HE was the one who pulled a gun on an officer and his mistake got him put in the hospital.

For crying out loud I can't believe the crazies who actually want to sympathize with a criminal who has an extensive rap sheet and had the brains to actually pull a gun on a cop. But what can I expect from people who actually believe David Milum is a corruption fighter and trying to correct the wrongs in Forsyth (whatever those may be)? Anyone who has a website totally dedicated to spoof and mock him is anything but a corruption fighter. They are more like the town jester.

Bob, my friend, spot on!

Nov 2, 2010 2:20pm [ 43 ]

I see this is another topic that became a peeing contest. Who really cares if y'all like each other. why does it always come to this badgering at each other about the past. wake up to a new day and let dead dogs lie and move on with your lives for God's sake. heck use some of this energy to clean up the crime in the county and get the drugs and thugs of the street. sound like a bunch of little whiny little girls. get over it or get use to it and move on

David Richard
Nov 2, 2010 10:52pm [ 44 ]

Can we just get one little thing straight, please?

It is not spelled "yea" when you want to use the term "Yeah, you're right, Dave". What you yahoos like Milum use is the Olde English word "Yea", as used in the phrase, "Yea, verily".

Same meaning, but unless you are back in the 1200's AND live across the pond, "Yeah" is the proper spelling.

At least get SOMETHING right in your miserable lifetimes . . .
Nov 3, 2010 1:14pm [ 45 ]

You people need a life or the cops take a life.

You people need to go to and enter police brutallity and you will see what I mean. GOTS TO GO

Traffic stop Ya'll
Nov 3, 2010 5:15pm [ 46 ]

Last weekend the forsyth county sheriffs (5 cars) had a man outside his truck in handcuffs behind his back and 2 sheriffs holding this man under his arms.As i watched his truck being ripped apart one of the sheriffs kneed this man in the leg while holding him and the other cop thought he was escaping and dragged this man 10 feet as he tried to get up from the knee in the leg. It looked bad from my stand point.I enderstand police brutality.the sheriff who dragged this poor man did not see the other cop knee this guy.

Watch this fact
Nov 3, 2010 8:26pm [ 47 ] type in police attack anyone anywher. The spelling is correct. Great country we live in? Sheeple or slaves same thing

David Milum
Nov 3, 2010 11:13pm [ 48 ]

I poke at Dave Richard mostly because it's fun. You can tell I’m bored…right? You could pour what alcohol I've drank in the last four years in a quart milk jug and have room for plenty of delicious coco. I poke fun at the county sheriff because he deserves it. I’d happily leave little Dave Richard alone if he would ever stop lying about not using fake names while chastising others for doing the same thing he’s well known for. Obviously, he’ll never stop doing that so I’ll confront him each I spot him lying. It’s my Citizen’s duty…

I am an ardent cop supporter and have been all my life. I am anti bad cop….can’t you tell? I loathe bad cops and Forsyth County is unfortunately plagued with them. It’s as if Forsyth County is the cop septic tank of Georgia and you know what had solidified in it. As I stated before; if not for the crud in the FCSO I'd be much less likely to question any cop shooting in these parts but with what I know I’ll be suspicious of all arrests in Forsyth County. We have crooks running the FCSO, very similar to the sheriff crook in Green County. However, I remain convinced that if you pull a gun on a cop you need to be culled from the herd.

Makita from ga
Nov 4, 2010 8:56am [ 49 ]

Poking fun at D.R. and T.P. is not fun it usually turns into a night without Jack Daniels and thats not funnie either.I like Jack and thats it.Wonder what D.R. will have to say about ol Jack be nimble Jack be quick.D.R. sat on a candle stick. It went where.

Dave Ric hard
Nov 4, 2010 5:51pm [ 50 ]

I see we've had another escape from the Yerkes Primate Center over in Gwinnett.

At least based on the last 2 posts.

dung will always be dung, D.R.
Nov 5, 2010 9:31am [ 51 ]

Dave Richard has a new name. Dung Richard. Now, Thats funny. What is Dung anyway? When the candle stick comes out you have dung on it. LOL

Gary Cooper
Nov 5, 2010 1:59pm [ 52 ]

Wow.....this forum has really gone downhill, real quick. At least David you know that your fringe blog stalker is still making juvenile jokes about you and posting anonymously with some new names I see.

Gary Cooper what is your problem
Nov 5, 2010 8:27pm [ 53 ]

Have you gone on and checked for police brutality so you can look stupid about protecting corruption as you and David Richard does?

Gary Cooper
Nov 6, 2010 8:04am [ 54 ]

Hahaha.....that's pretty clever. Funny, I put in Forsyth County and police brutality and get NOTHING! What a shock! Well not really given that you are one of the fringe followers and too much of a coward to use your real name to make these kind of allegations. Take that kind of crap to Milum's site with the rest of them.

Oh Gary Cooper,
Nov 6, 2010 9:25am [ 55 ]

Type in Forsyth county on and got NOTHING? Oh I get it now, we have an honest Sheriff Dept? Its cooffee time with the retarts. Did I hurt your little feelings. What about that guy that got kneed in the theigh part of his leg and the other deputy dragging him? Oh, that wasnt on You are one lost lolly pop. And Gary Cooper is not your real name either. Give me your email address and I will give you mine.

Dave Richard
Nov 6, 2010 9:42am [ 56 ]

"Have you gone on and checked for police brutality so you can look stupid about protecting corruption as you and David Richard does?"

This should be good . . .

Please specify, in detail, exactly what actions I have taken to "protect corruption", as you have accused me of doing above.

I can't wait . . .

Dave Richard
Nov 6, 2010 9:52am [ 57 ]

Oh, and Coop? I, too, searched YouTube for "Forsyth County police brutality" and got zero hits. So I just searched for "Forsyth County sheriff's department" and got a rash of videos - three by some malcontent who complained in three videos about getting pulled over for a busted tail-light, and one about the sheriff not doing something about that biting case. Four stinkin' videos about two incidents!

There were a lot more, but they were all about Forsyth County, NORTH CAROLINA!

As usual, the Milum - Sweeney moron club tries to manufacture something from nothing.

I see David Milums website
Nov 6, 2010 6:52pm [ 58 ]

I dont know Milum or Sweeny.I know Milums site and it looks good to me.This country and county is in bad shape and people here knock him for his input.I believe everything Milum says and the system has been destroyed and wrecked and Dave Richard backs up corruption and so does Cooper.Dave Richard is a criminal and backs its activity and Gary Cooper is a criminal as well.

Back again for Dave Richard
Nov 6, 2010 6:57pm [ 59 ]

Wasn't it Dave Richard who degraded Charlie Laughinghouse in a lying email and tried to sneek it by us as Citizens and you got caught Dave. RIGHT ON BOY. YOU GOT CAUGHT TRYING TO HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH AN EMPLOYEE BEHIND YOUR WIFES BACK. YEA, BEHIND YOUR WIFES BACK. DON'T LET YOUR WIFE READ THIS POST DAVE.She just might hurt you. Or did she pull a Hillary Clinton and forgive you? Discusting.

Nov 6, 2010 8:50pm [ 60 ]

I'm sorry Mr. Milum, I didn't understand your importance in our community. I just googled your name and realized you're our "village idiot".

I apologize for suggesting you were drunk. I now realize that your ranting against a deputy defending himself against an armed fugitive must just be an imbalance in your medication.

I certainly hope that if you ever have an armed intruder on your property and have to call 911, that the scumbag has the decency to stand out on the public street. I certainly wouldn't want the police officers to trespass on your private property in the course of their duties.

And that is what makes you so silly. Because we all know, no matter what you write, no matter the craziness you spew, if you dial 911 those same deputies you love to bash will haul ass to come to your aid.

Are they flawed? Certainly, we all are. Are there some bad apples? Probably, there are in every field. But if you want a change, then make it at the ballot box. Again, I ask who else were we supposed to vote for? You want a change, then put forth a candidate that has the experience and education of Paxton. There wasn't even anybody close. I remember reading the quote from one candidate in the last election about his education and he said "well I was thinking of going to a trade school". Yeah boy! That was the guy I wanted for Sheriff!

You act like this county is some kind of Hollywood combination of "Walking Tall" and "Mississippi Burning". Crazy from the sidelines, no matter how justified you feel, is still just crazy. You want a change, get in the game and make one!

FCSO Secret Agent 99
Nov 6, 2010 9:40pm [ 61 ]

Thank you so much Bob, You are a realist and a thinker./Are they flawed? Certainly, we all are. Are there some bad apples? Probably, there are in every field. But if you want a change, then make it at the ballot box. Again, I ask who else were we supposed to vote for? You want a change, then put forth a candidate that has the experience and education of Paxton.

Its not about educations Bob, Its about taking money and over budgeting your agency beyond repair. This is what happens to unrealistic law enforcement mentallity. They suck at budgeting and steal taxpayer money and never let you see their books. I have proof of it. This dialog might be valuable to the taxpayers of This County and others.

Gary Cooper
Nov 6, 2010 11:15pm [ 62 ]

Will you look at that, I have an internet tough guy telling me I am not real and that I am a criminal. Big words coming from someone anonymous.

Ok tough guy, you wanna know about me? Go look me up as I am in the county tax books, an alumni of the local school system, and a county voter who got a nice compliment from one of our gracious poll workers on Tuesday. And while your at it I dare you to run a background check on me. You might find a speeding ticket or an overdue library book, but I will assure you I am no criminal.

David, thanks for going the extra mile. Yes I too saw the small number of videos about one citizen - who I got into a debate last month about his busted tail light - and of course the Milum follower and the bite case. But the numnut above said police brutality and so far haven't been able to find any case of that here in Forsyth County, GA. Now FC North Carolina, that's another story since that just happens to be Winston-Salem and those guys are legendary in their brutality.

And to the Milum fan. I am sorry if you feel that man is actually correct and honest in anything he does. I suggest you google his name and see that he is now a case study for law students in the fact that he is the first blogger to be sued successfully for libel. You will also find a site that actually counters everything he posts and gives you a little history on the man that Bob correctly calls our "village idiot".

Gary Cooper
Nov 6, 2010 11:31pm [ 63 ]

You know, I just want to get one more thing off my chest about this topic and the FCSO in general. I am a Forsyth County descendant and one portion of my family lineage is has made this county their home for generations. I grew up here, graduated from the school system, and brought my kids back home so they could be raised in my hometown. I have seen the Sheriff's up close ever since I was a kid because for the longest of times, this was a small community. The agency now, while not perfect, is much more organized and properly managed compared to previous administrations. Can they be better in areas? Sure they can, but can't we really say that about any government agency or even private business? I know I can.

I don't have a problem if you have some negative views about the FCSO, but at least be honest about why. You mention corruption, mismanagement, brutality, etc....but never come forth with one piece of concrete evidence to prove it. Milum has been doing this for years and has yet to get one of his witch hunts right. The one recent Sheriff administration that spent quite a bit of time in court just happens to be the one that Mr. Milum and his followers support.

So if you are going to rant and rave about police brutality, then prove it. Don't say you saw it happen, but no one else did. Prove it. Otherwise, you will continue to be laughed at by 98% of your fellow citizens.

Oh and to those who work their rears off protecting this county, thank you. I am happy to call some of you my neighbors and some my friends. You know who you are.

David Milum
Nov 7, 2010 3:23am [ 64 ]

For the posters that obviously can’t comprehend what they claim to have read; I am absolutely pro good cop. I am infuriated by bad cops. Most of the FCSO are hard working men and women who have my respect then of course we unfortunately have the others and they know exactly who they are. The scum of the FCSO.

Not once have you seen Mr. Richard deny lying as I have charged. If he doesn’t lie then he’ll not hear one peep from me here or anywhere else. One crooked judge sat on all three of my lawsuits. I’ll not get into the totality of what he told one witness but he did state that he was best friends with judge Gault whom I had ultimate disdain for alive and dead. You read of crooked judges most every day. I’ve had my share.

NOT Gary Coop
Nov 7, 2010 8:16am [ 65 ]

Corrupt Judges here in Forsyth? Noway, only other places in this country. And who backs up the corrupt judges, The Sheriff,NO.Cooper is asleep at the switch with his eyes crossed because he believes govt is all correct.

David Richard
Nov 7, 2010 9:02am [ 66 ]

"Not once have you seen Mr. Richard deny lying as I have charged."

That's because I have denied it so much in the past it doesn't deserve to be denied any further, you moron.

David Richard
Nov 7, 2010 9:11am [ 67 ]

And for the moron who doesn't have the guts to post their own name but throw accusations out at me known as "Back again for Dave Richard", here's a little bit of information for you.

  1. There was never any affair as you allege.
  2. My wife was in the same room as I typed out the e-mail to the employee and read it before it was sent.
  3. There was no lie in any of the contents of that e-mail.

Now, it's been over 24 hours since I issued the challenge to you mentally-challenged morons out there, and not a peep from you. Here it is again since your attention span (as well as your thought processes) are that of a gnat's:

Please specify, in detail, exactly what actions I have taken to "protect corruption", as you have accused me of doing above.

Let's see if you gutless wonders have any brains - you certainly don't have any spines.

Your wife read what?
Nov 7, 2010 9:41am [ 68 ]

You see, most people believe what they read always. And your wife in the same room and she read your email to an employee with that kind of stuff before you sent it? Come on bullcrap artist. You need to address the facts and not fiction. I watched and listened to you a SGF and you are a typical double talker and a makeup artist. And a criminal as well.

Dave Richard
Nov 7, 2010 12:43pm [ 69 ]

I have ALWAYS addressed the FACTS, dirt-bag.

Just as I always post with my real name.

What's your excuse?

And once again, if you have the testicular fortitude, please detail what exactly categorizes me a criminal in that sorry excuse for a mind you have?

Dave Richard
Nov 7, 2010 1:40pm [ 70 ]

Oh, and dirt-bag? Be specific.

How many arrests, indictments and convictions have I ever had in my lifetime.

I'd love to know if the same could be said about you, but since you lack the spine to post under your REAL name, we'll never know, will we?

(Cue Moron Milum comment in 3 . . .2 . . .1 . . )

David Milum
Nov 7, 2010 2:08pm [ 71 ]

Dave Richard Nov 7, 2010 12:43pm [ 69 ]I have ALWAYS addressed the FACTS, dirt-bag. Just as I always post with my real name.

DM: There you go again lying Dave Richard. One big fat lie after another. You used Tiberius@edited to register on my website under LivingtheNightmare and Darwin. I have all your posts on file and the IP addresses and what email you used to registrar. I've known outright liars in my day but you Sir are certifiably the worst of the lot. I don't know who it is that you are trying to convince but it is for certain none of us believe you don't lie like a dog. This has to be a family trait....a Yankee trait for dang sure.

David Richard
Nov 7, 2010 4:59pm [ 72 ]

So predictable. So crazy. So nutzoid.

So Milum.

The laughingstock of Forsyth County.

Nov 7, 2010 6:59pm [ 73 ]

As far as crooked cops go, they are everywhere, just like politicians. But there are good honest ones too. I know the deputy who was involved in the shooting. Both men, the Deputy and the man who was shot have families who love them, and I do feel bad for this mans family. The choices he has made, (not the Deputy who shot him) has put him where he is now. Why do you want to put down someone who is trying to defend himself against a criminal, who had a gun? NO ONE but him is to blame for his shooting. We have to accept responsibility for our actions, and stop blaming others. The FSCO Deputy is a good man, who loves his family, and if I needed someone to defend me, I would trust him with my life. Again, I do feel for the family of the one shot. They love him no matter what he has done, and yes he is a son, brother, dad, and husband, and my heart goes out for them, and my prayers go out for both families involved.

Rich Mandory
Nov 7, 2010 9:04pm [ 74 ]

The cops are shooting citizens who could not hit broad the side of a 8888888 barn. The only way to get this right is for the training; move out of the way and not shoot first. Always ask questions first. They have become terrorists within our society and thats plain wrong. I was called Opey growing up and know when government is out of control. They are taught to kill at a drop of a hat or attack at a drop of a hat. Watch out people in forsyth their coming to get your family. One way or nother. I promise you that. Richie

Dave Richard
Nov 7, 2010 10:20pm [ 75 ]

And don't forget to hide from those black helicopters buzzing overhead, too, Richie!


Venture out of your bunker someday and see the real world.

Not So
Nov 8, 2010 8:26am [ 76 ]

It is so so funnie- when some try to get our govt to obide by its own rules- others try to degrade the people who are trying to help our own county. Blach Helo's overhead. Come out of your bunker....... See what I mean about the former poster with these cheep comment. Mr. Mandory to you poster.

Gary Cooper
Nov 8, 2010 11:08am [ 77 ]

Their coming to get your family?? Wow and I thought the hippies only existed in California. I swear someone needs to get out of their basement more often. These anonymous posts have to be coming from one person.

Mark Miller
Nov 8, 2010 12:42pm [ 78 ]

I think the only mistake made by the police is in bullit placement. I am not particularly a fan of the police but aside from politicians I absolutly hate a thief. This piece of human waste has a record of stealing other peoples property and even the weopon that he used to endanger the officers was stolen. The hes innocent until proven guilty crap only applies in court. Out on the street when you see someone committing a violet crime they need to be stopped. If this saves the taxpayers the cost of an expensive lengthy trial so much the better. I hope that the family that is defending him will think about their responsibility in all of this. Unfortunatly this piece of scum will no doubt be back in business when he gets out stealing from someone else. I just hope his victims are those who defend him and that he does not manage to harm some body.

Nov 8, 2010 3:30pm [ 79 ]

As a former Federal Law Enforcement officer I think a little education is in order. Many of you have alluded to the warrant somehow being void or invalid. As someone who is close to this police officer he is very thorough, dots all his i's, crosses all his t's, would have been aware of any mistakes made by the court that issued the warrant which would invalidate it. First of all there are many different types of warrants. The warrant issued was an arrest warrant, these can be served whenever and wherever the perp happens to be located at that time. The ideal situation, and what every law enforcement officer hopes for is that the perp is taken into custody/apprehended without incident.
The type of warrant that is specific and the property must be listed specifically on the document is a search warrant. The officers had an arrest warrant NOT a search warrant. There should be no confusion in the two.
The deputies arrived at the location to question friends/family about the perps location and were surprised when the perp answered the door. He then ran to his vehicle, retrieved a rifle and proceeded to point it at the officers. The perp was told several times to drop his weapon, was given many chances.
The officer had no choice but to use force to protect himself and his partner. No officer wants to be placed in this position, EVER. Regardless of how the events turn out the officer is placed under a great deal of physical and mental stress. The perps past history is always taken into account when law enforcement is seeking to apprehend someone. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise. If you have an arrest warrant for a gangbanger who has shot severel people, you might tend to be on guard when approaching him or her. As to the families involved I am sure that the perps family knows the real truth about their loved ones activities, but human nature insures that they will defend him no matter what he does.
How would those who are so quick to come to this career criminals defense had felt if the officer had not shot him but had allowed himself to be killed or maybe an innocent bystander. I admit that this is a tragedy but closing our eyes to reality will not make us any safer. *I am proud of this officer and the Forsyth County Sheriffs Dept. We can all feel safe knowing that there are still cool-headed, good, and fair police officers still on the force protecting all of us and our children.

Mrs. Wilson
Nov 10, 2010 12:46pm [ 80 ]

I am in utter shock at some of these responses to the shooting. My husband and I are God fearing people and it is NEVER his intention everyday he kisses me and his 4 children goodbye that he wants to shoot, harm or kill someone. Faith was right he is an officer of good standing and being that I have been married to him for 8 years I have listened to his heart about the daily horrors he sees. My husband is the best man I have ever known! I am honored to be married to him. I know for a fact he is by the book as an officer and has incredible judgement out on the streets. I will have all of you know that are spitting on his desicion he had to make of shooting this known, wanted and armed criminal, ( whom I and himself have prayed for and asked our church to pray for him and his family) that when he arrived at this location only to interview someone....he was without a bulletproof vest and there was nothing on this  property to cover him or for him to hide behind. Besides, do you want officers that hide or runaway from threats protecting you?  I know for a fact if he had not have made that very hard and heartwrenching desicion  I would be without a husband and I would have been telling my very small children and my two stepdaughters that their daddy was not going to be coming home again. I would have had to call his mother and tell her that her baby son has gone home to Christ and his 3 brothers they would never get to see their brother again. I know I would not know what to do on this earth without my husband. I expect him to come home to us everyday and as a police officers wife, I have to kiss and hug my husband everyday praying to God that this is not the last time. When my husband called me immediatly after the shooting, the first thing out of his mouth was "start PRAYING for the guy I just had to shoot." Yeah that is an awful cop just wanting to kill!!! I have so much to say to all of you condemning my husband but all I can say is shame on you.... and just try and put yourself in his position??? You can not even comprehend the split second choices they must make.  They make these choices in spite of low pay, no raises in 3 years and constant critizism from those that dont have the guts to do the job. I have a question for those of you judging my husband....  Are you going home to your family, do you want to see your little girl giggle screaming daddy and jumping in your arms when you come home? Do you want to see your little boy make his first touchdown? Do you want to walk your daughters down the aisle? Or hold your first grandchild? or feel your wife hold you? Well my husband does and that makes him MY hero!! We do pray for the suspect and his family and my husband made the right choice when a shotgun was pointed at him. End of story!

Nov 10, 2010 1:44pm [ 81 ]

good job Faith and Mrs. Wilson I know him will myself. now all the nah sayers put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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